​Sustainable Agriculture Sidetrack

The Official 19 Startups for the Sustainable Agriculture Sidetrack of the 2021 Food Accelerator Network Programme Are Here!

The Sustainable Agriculture Sidetrack showcases selected Agritech startups from across Europe, who are creating a more socially and environmentally sustainable global food system.

This programme is dedicated to accelerating startups in continuing their journey in building a better and more impactful sustainable agricultural system.

For this year’s programme, we received over 600 applications from international agrifood companies. After having assessed all the applicants using our rigorous evaluation process, we shortlisted and announced the 19 startups that made it onto the Sustainable Agriculture Sidetrack. By bringing together international partners, leading experts across EU Policy, Public Funding, Technolgy and Climate Change (to name a few), and investors, we will be connecting them with the startups in a truly insightful and inspiring programme specifically tailored to environmental, social, and economic concerns in agriculture. 


To foster connections and collaborations through our 4-month programme we have designed an informative programme covering the global food landscape over 10 sessions to understand each other's challenges, networking and discovery sessions, with the possibility of partnerships and more.



To meet food requirements for a rapidly growing population, we further look into sustainable agricultural methods and technologies. There is a need to reduce the GHG emissions from livestock and increase crop yield and resilience. To reduce the footprint of crop production, we need solutions that enable us to make use of sustainable resources in the production process (e.g. energy, water, and land) and solutions that allow for more efficient crop protection uses, such as bio-based crop protection or alternative weed control via robots.

Solutions We Have

We have chosen impactful agricultural startups that are currently transforming the food system into a more sustainable one:

  • Gene editing and breeding technologies to improve crop yields.

  • Post-harvest technologies and sustainable biologicals to protect, treat and store crops.

  • Novel fertilizers, plant stimulants and technologies to improve the efficiency and stability of crop and soil nutrition.

  • GPS and IoT enabled techs to monitor weather and farming conditions.

  • Robotics, drones, devices and machinery that enable precision farming practices.


Designed by Industry Experts Specifically for Growing Agritech Businesses

Our Sustainable Agriculture Sidetrack is an opportunity that elevates businesses to the next level and brings innovation to the food industry, faster. As part of the EIT FAN 2021 programme, participants will experience an additional 10 days to:

Participate in tailored networking events

Meet with food experts and relevant decision makers 

Establish and build connections with academic and Corporate EIT Food partners and successful founders

Our Partners