FAN-tastic Finland is one of the most innovative countries in the world! EIT Food, Europe’s leading business springboard for agrifood startups, has opened a new location for its Food Accelerator Network programme in Finland, providing access to experienced academics and market leading businesses to share a wealth of expertise. Immerse yourselves in our innovative culture, with access to all the knowledge you need to optimise your business.

Location Contact

Mirva Lampinen

Co-creation Manager

T: +358 406749233


Why select Helsinki?

Unique opportunities to collaborate

Close links to the University of Helsinki, research and innovation partner VTT, market leading dairy producer Valio and a wide range of other experts, gives you a huge package of knowledge in a compact, accessible form.

Innovation is at our core 

Finland is one of the most innovative countries in the world. Join our programme and immerse yourself in this innovative culture to drive your own development.

Access to special expertise 

We have particular expertise in plant proteins, cellular agriculture, milk, nutrition, economics and much more, for all the knowledge you need to develop your products and grow your business.

Join EIT FAN to increase your visibility and impact, fast-track your growth and maximise your chances of success

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