The Technion (Haifa) EIT FAN hub is highly regarded by all of its participants, all of whom benefit from the diverse, comprehensive curriculum and access to senior business leaders  and top food professionals. Our 2020 participants agree that the experience of our unique hybrid program (on-line and on-site) was fundamental to their businesses.  The Mediterranean Food Lab (winner of 2020) and Redefine Meat (winner of 2018) showcase the top quality outputs of the program and high level of the participants. After winning the 2018 finals, Redefine Meat raised a $29M this year for its revolutionary 3D Alt-Meat Printer! 

Location Contact

Dr. Avital Regev Siman-Tov

EIT FAN IL Director

E: avitalr@technion.ac.il

Why select Technion (Haifa)?

Personalised program

An academic and business curriculum tailored to the needs of the participating entrepreneurs: lectures, practical workshops, previous success stories, industry tours, round table and one-on-one mentoring and access to our ‘meet the VCs’ event. 

Unique resources

Access to the Technion’s faculty experts, its vast research

 infrastructure, labs and network of professional contacts as well as top food industry professionals from Strauss Group to beyond.  

Mentoring, consulting and services

Regular support from business and food experienced leading experts. You receive an in-house coupon for consulting and R&D services, including access to the Technion pilot plant facility. 

“I'm an EIT FAN mentor because I believe in the importance of entrepreneurship. I recommend the program to startups because they get important tools and access to the ecosystem. As a lecturer I contribute strategy, entrepreneurship, lean startup methodology, pitching and investors materials.”

— Memi Genosar, Lecturer and Mentor

“I highly recommend start-ups to join this great program. You would be exposed to other start-ups in your field in a well-designed program that offers the most relevant lectures in varied subjects - from business 

modelling and go2market, to finance. You receive weekly one-on-one mentoring sessions that would allow you to make your own individual progress and much more. I am proud to serve as one of the mentors in the program and I believe it can help every start-up to take a leap forward and earn global exposure and networking.” 

— Ifat Peled-Dinstag, Lecturer and Mentor


EIT FAN Haifa Hub highlights and success stories

Redefine Meat

Redefine Meat is leading a technological revolution in the food industry by creating craveable animal-free meat using proprietary industrial 3D printers. Founded in 2018, Redefine Meat has developed the world's first patent-pending 3D meat printing solution technology that replicates the texture, flavour, and eating experience of beef and other high-value meat products. The company uses plant-based ingredients and technology as opposed to animals, allowing for a dramatically more efficient, sustainable and moral way to produce meat without compromising on the experience. Redefine Meat's alt-meat is 95% more sustainable, significantly healthier and costs less than beef.


FreezeM is developing a novel technology for revivable insect freezing in order to improve the use of insects as a protein source in the animal feed industry. FreezeM creates the only viable way to generate a steady output of larvae to insect protein factories worldwide - a solution corresponding to agriculture seed production. FreezeM aims to revolutionise the insect farming supply chain and to become the leading manufacturer of eggs to this emerging industry.

FreezeM was founded in 2018 as a spin-off company from the Weizmann Institute of Science. It raised a seed investment of $500K and won several prizes and awards from the EU. Since its participation in the EIT program at the Technion (Haifa), FreezeM received a research grant from the Israel Innovation Authority, expanded its team and fly facility at Kibbutz Nachshonim, and created several promising collaborations and partnerships with leading stakeholders in the insect farming industry.

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