The Basque Country, renowned for its industrial heritage and excellence in agriculture and food production, is an ideal location for startups in the agrifood sector to develop and grow their ventures.


The second edition of our highly successful accelerator programme offers participants with unique opportunities to gain insights into the Spanish and wider European agrifood industry.  With a €15,000 grant, we facilitate your participation in the programme and provide you with the resources to develop and test your business. Drawing on a broad network of industry experts, we provide you with 30 days training and networking opportunities to take your startup to the next level.

Apply today and join the strongest agrifood ecosystem in Southern Europe, a top-rated location for market opportunities and growth.

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Juliet Bray

Startup Support Manager

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Why choose FAN Bilbao?

"I learnt how to pitch, design press releases, develop my public speaking skills, market my product... It’s like a mini MBA."

Stefan Foldi, Founder and CEO of Rawckers, FAN Bilbao Startup 2019

"FAN Bilbao is an amazing accelerator! The organization and planning of the trainings were very complete and valuable to us. Their network and contacts were incredible, and we had the opportunity to connect with several stakeholders and great personalities that otherwise could not be possible.'

Sara Goncalves, Founder of Trigger Systems, FAN Bilbao Startup 2019

“The EIT Food Accelerator Network in Bilbao will take your startup to the next level. It's the most powerful program for early-stage food startups in Europe.”

Taig Mac Carthy, Managing Director at Eywa Space Incubator, San Sebastian

“I believe the EIT Food FAN 2019 experience was outstanding not only because it was meticulously organized and the potential of the startups attending the program was great, but also the human side was really amazing, and this is key to me."

Pedro Alvarez, Cofounder and y CEO ivoro, Food Innovation Hub

"Connecting inspiring mentors to an entrepreneur is one of the most important steps in supporting any startup. The matchmaking is done very well, ​and I am sure that the relationships established will last long once the mentoring period is over”.

Claus Rosenberg Gotthard, Serial Entrepreneur 


FAN Bilbao 2019 highlights and success stories

Rawckers, plant based cheese and yoghurt, EIT FAN, Spain, startup

Founded by a raw vegan couple, Stefan Foldi and Marisha Zaporojan, based in Romania, Rawckers develops plant-based cheese and yoghurts made with butter from cashew nuts and almonds.


Thanks to FAN, Stefan gained new business skills which have helped him and his  partner, take the business to the next level. With a professional mechanical background, the training provided essential business skills including tips for pitching such as being more persuasive and communicating more effectively about his venture.


Since joining the FAN programme in Bilbao, Stefan and Marisha are in the process of planning to start a company and production unit in Spain, targeted to the Iberian market. Thanks to his mentor, Stefan has now developed an excellent network in Spain. Azti, a leading food production and research centre in the Basque Country, has also been fundamental for providing Rawckers with advice on the Spanish consumer market, helping them to test and validate their products for Spanish consumers. Stefan was also able to benefit from the expertise of a Spanish lawyer, provided free of charge during the programme.

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